Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My First COMC Purchase

I tried COMC for the first time last week.  Here's what I got:

This card is the reason I went on COMC at all.  I've never seen it available at a card show, and I knew I should be able to procure it somewhere without spending folding money.  On eBay I would have had to win it then pay shipping.  On COMC, it was a quarter and shipping was super cheap since I was buying a bunch of other cards at the same time.

I saw this one on Nick's blog a few weeks ago and made a note of it.  What an awesome baseball card.  I'm not a Pat Corrales nor a Padres collector which brings me to a quandary of late: how should I catalog cards of players I don't collect?  Right now I have binders of players I like in alphabetical order, but this is probably my last Corrales.  I'm starting to think it may be time to start a new binder of just generally awesome baseball cards for players I don't know or keep.  Just a thought.

Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for reprints of cards that were overproduced to begin with?  Well, it's true.  Here are reprints of the '89 Fleer and Donruss plus a '95 Leaf card I couldn't identify.

Did I mention the Donruss reprint is numbered out of 1,989?  How is this card not worth like fiddy bucks?  It's beautiful!

Here is a refractor reprint of the Bowman rookie.  I already have this in Chrome - adding refractoriness is an obvious next move, am I right?  Looks fantastic.

That's it for my COMC purchases.  Altogether I spent like 12 bucks.  I must admit I was very pleased with the whole process.  It was fast, relatively inexpensive, and well-packaged.  I will be doing business there again. 

Room for one more....?

2 Often....

I happened upon this numbered beauty on the bay for peanuts.  I'll be covering this one a lot more when I do my Studio '96 post.  Until then, it's just a cool die-cut card serial numbered in holofoil.  Plus I collect vinyl, so my collector-brain (who has no money of his own) insisted it must be ours.  And less than four bucks shipped - solid.


  1. The Fisk and Corrales are two of the best catcher cards ever, no doubt. I think I had the Fisk ranked at #14 on my "Top 100" list.

    I'm with you on the overproduction-era reprints, too. I picked up the '88 Donruss Mark Grace numbered reprint a while ago, it's currently one of my absolute favorite Cubs cards.

  2. I bought the '89 Grefractor reprint during the Black Friday deals. I couldn't believe the price I got for it.

    COMC is just the best.

  3. I like that COMC set a $3.00 flat shipping, although they now hide their 25 center per card handling fee in the price of the cards, which is alright I guess and helps to avoid handling sticker shock when you got to checkout. Just have to remember that the 50 cent card you just got the seller only wanted a quarter. But I do love the overall selection and interface of COMC.

  4. I love COMC. It is hard for me not to buy things from the site on a daily basis.