Friday, March 29, 2013

Marlins Game Tomorrow: Who Should I Watch?

The Marlins are coming to play an exhibition game in New Orleans tomorrow (Saturday)!

Well, more accurately they are coming to Metairie, my suburb of New Orleans.  They are playing our local AAA team the New Orleans Zephyrs who are also their affiliate.  This will be the first major league baseball game in New Orleans since 1999.

14 years ago.

While we are not a baseball town, this is a huge deal.  Jefferson Parish (we say parish where you probably say county), which is my parish, has declared March 30th to be Baseball Day!

I hope someday to get March 24th named Ken Griffey, Jr. Day.  Baby steps....

It will also be the first major league game I've been to since 4 days after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  And the 4th major league game I've been to in my whole life.  I'm very excited.

I'm not up on current events and players.  So I ask you: who should I be looking out for?  Any new players or recent trades I should know about?  What about the current state of the team?  I put it to you, fellow bloggers and readers, as I am most decidedly out of the loop.

Tomorrow morning I go to the post office to drop off a bunch of trade packages, then it's off to the ballpark with the family.  And just in case, I grabbed a stack of Marlins from 2013 Topps for possible autograph purposes.  Fingers crossed.....

Happy Easter/holiday/weekend!

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  1. He might be in minor league camp already - but Jake Marisnick is a solid hitter and quality CF.

    Other than that, Adeiny Hechavarria is dream to watch play SS.