Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Pinnacle Baseball?!? Is This Really a Thing?

Guys!  Pinnacle is back!

After 15 years, Panini is giving this brand the no-logo treatment.  Am I the last to know?


I already know my LCS wont have it as he doesn't tend to carry Panini stuff.  Are these going to be at Wally World/Target?  I'll buy a couple packs. There's Griffeys to be had, after all! 


  1. The prices of hobby boxes are quickly dropping online. No idea if it's going retail, but mostly it's been disappointing from what I've seen. Some great looking acetate cards though!

  2. i just got my Reds team set in the mail today. I really like em. Screams 90's. If they had the team logos, they'd be perfect.

  3. I ripped two packs at my LCS pack wars. Holy crap these cards are not good, in my opinion.

  4. Could they really have screwed it up that bad, or are we getting old and codgerly?

    I want to bust some packs.

  5. I bought a couple of packs, and while the lack of logos really hurts the cards, they felt like early '90s Pinnacle as I looked through them. It's a much better unlicensed set than Prizm or some of the other Panini crap. Unlicensed cards should always be low-end, in my opinion.

    1. But should they always be unpopular? I think one of these sets busting out and being a big success would send a message to MLB to spread the licensing love.