Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Pair of Oversized Griffey Heads and a GCRLPWE

I have only ever seen these big head "cards" once before on another blog.  The packaging on these is a bit flimsy, and they come with small rubber suction cups that are a nightmare to pull out of that little hole without ripping.  Those facts combined with the wacky shapes and rounded edges make for cards that are tough to find in mint condition let alone store.  They're also maybe a little creepy.

Here's the packaging with complete checklist:

According to that you're supposed to put them up in your locker.  Can you imagine?

That was Topps' take on the gigantic Griffey head - here is Upper Deck's:

UD put out three oversized versions of the '89 Upper Deck rookie for the ten-year anniversary.  There are gold, silver, and blue foil versions that are numbered as low as 500 and as high as 3500.  They're pretty high-quality, too. 

So who did the oversized Griffey head better - Topps or Upper Deck?

I also got a PWE from garvey cey russell lopes author Jim.  Check it out:

I had asked Jim for the Ted Williams card a while back, but the Finley was a great added bonus.  Thanks a bunch, Jim!


  1. Jim's a good dude. Good pickup with the Big Head!

  2. My brother and I were given a box of those big head things back in '90. They were main stays on our window for years until they became so sun bleached they were nearly unrecognizable shapes.

    I remember the Tony Gwynn being particularly creepy, with his hair almost serving as a handle.

  3. I have a handful of the Heads Up "cards"...five of them actually hanging on my wall, including Griffey and Bo Jackson. I like them.

    JT, The Writer's Journey

  4. I have 21 Tom Gordon and number 4 Dennis eckersley I want to sell them