Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Else Do You Collect? Let's Get Nerdy...

I know you don't just collect baseball cards - neither do I.  My cousin once called me a "collector of collections," and this is kind of how I'm known among my friends.  It's my claim to fame in my social circle.

My most prolific collection outside of cards is gig posters and art prints.  I have them hanging all over my house like an art museum.  I'm not exactly sure how many I have now (must be approaching 1000), but I can tell you that I've become very good friends with the framers at Michael's.  If you're interested, go check out  Here's a few of my favorite framed prints and the artists who made them:

Chuck Sperry - Miles Electric

Aaron Horkey - Detritus

Daniel Danger - Please Don't Worry, When I Wake Up I'll Be Something New....

Aaron Horkey - The Magnetic Fields

Malleus - Bloom

Daniel Danger - And I Need Sunny Days...

Kevin Tong - Dune

The Simpsons/Fox Studios - Springfield Jazz Festival giclee

Aaron Horkey - Plighting the Troth (this one is mega-rare)

Rhys Cooper - Art of War

Justin Hampton - QOTSA

Aaron Horkey - Sunn O))) Boris 2006

Four Different Malleus peices

Bill Green - Lebowski Fest 2004

Like Griffey is the focus of my card collection, my focus in this collection is Radiohead posters.  I have nearly every one (there are only three that I know of that I'm missing).  That's hundreds, most of them limited-edition silkscreens that are signed and numbered by the artist.  Here's a few favorites:


Jermaine Rogers

Jermaine Rogers

John Seabury

That was just a small portion of my poster collection.  You can view the entire thing online here.  I've been thinking of starting a whole new blog around it.  Hmmmm.

My most eclectic collection is the one I have of props and other items from the show Mystery Science Theater 3000.  You may remember it from Comedy Central and The Sci-Fi Channel.  It was the one with the guy and the two robots making fun of bad movies.  When the show ended they did a prop sell-off, and I jumped on it.  Here's what I ended up with:

Pearl's glasses, a "bomb detonator" from season 8, and Tom Servo's sick head.

Joel, my favorite host.

I'm an avid vinyl record collector.  I tend to spend my entire record-buying budget in a single day every year, that being Record Store Day.  Even if you don't actively collect vinyl, I suggest you check it out.  I've already shown a few items in a previous post, but here are a few items from that collection I have framed:

My earliest collection was coins which my grandmother got me hooked on.  It started with pennies and now includes every denomination of U.S. coin with a focus on silver coins and some old bank notes.  I don't keep the good stuff at the house, but here's a peek at my coin shelf:

Those albums are mostly full.

I would mention my CD/DVD/Blu-ray collection, but I think everybody collects those.  I'm currently in the process of digitizing the entire thing and getting rid of all those discs.  Most of my collection is in plastic storage bins.  I do have a few rare items that are worth a little money:

This is about half of my DVDs - the rest are in a bin in the attic :-(

I totally collect Lego still.  It's fun and holds value better than some recent precious metals investments.  I currently have two large plastic bins of Lego and a bunch of assembled Star Wars models in the man cave.

Some of the Star Wars models in the man cave.  The rest of my legos fill two large bins.

When my wife and I bought our house I started turning the garage into a man cave.  When it was done I started collecting pennants of New Orleans and Louisiana teams to decorate the walls with.

The New Orleans Jazz and New Orleans Breakers pennants on the left there were the toughest to find.

I collect setlists from shows and get them signed as often as possible.  Everybody collects autographs, right?  Here is my autograph wall with a few of my setlists:

Brian Wilson, Radiohead, Herbie Hancock, Dr. John, TMBG (several), the Rentals, Fishbone, The Refreshments, Grandaddy, Galactic, and coming soon Yo La Tengo.

Scotch!  Single malt or blended, 10, 12, 15, 18 years old, Islay or Highland, peaty or malty or both - I love it.  Here are a few I have in stock at the moment:

I have a few small collections of old local beer cans, a few signed books, a few random nerdy items here and there.  I grew up on Micro Machines and Hot Wheels, and I still have them all.  This is less of a collection and more of an eventual hand-me-down to my potential offspring.  Then again, some of those Micro Machines are pretty fragile.

Here's the bulk of my shot glass collection:

Here's some random nerdy items:

Super vintage, creepy Luke Skywalker mask on the back.

So, what else do you collect?  This is a call to all my fellow bloggers to show us your stuff!  The nerdier, the better.  Link to the appropriate posts below!


  1. Awesome, brother. I don't know where to start on which parts I like best. suffice to say, I dig it all.

    I collect oddball stuff featuring variations of the Rolling Stones tongue. you may just have inspired a post soon to come over on ATBATT. :)

    Thanks for showing us this cool stuff.

  2. The only other thing I collect is coins...I feel slightly overwhelmed at the site of all those cool things you collect.

  3. Very cool. For myself, other than sports/nonsports cards, I would have to say vinyl. Most of it is packed away in bins, though.

  4. I totally dig the prints and the man cave looks beyond rad!

    My major other collection is records. It's a sick obsession. I'm currently on day three of my 7 day, 3,000 cross country road trip to California to start my new life. In my vehicle is a little under half of my record collection (~450 of the ~1000) and it is by far the biggest part of my move. I brought only the essentials (to me) and had to make some tough decisions in what came with and what stayed back at my parents. To make matters worse, since most of what I collect/listen to is 60s rock, folk, and soul, I have to have both stereo and mono copies in my collection and had to finally realize that I could only bring one version with me.

    I used to collect guitars and old cameras but collect is a loose term. I bought them to play/use and I'd go through phases with different styles or film sizes. This move, though, made me realize that I needed to downsize my life a bit so I've sold most of my cameras and guitars.

  5. Those posters are amazing. I'll definitely check out your link as soon as I'm done commenting. It's always nice to see posts outside of sports memorabilia. I too have a few shelves dedicated to my Star Wars collection. That Legos Star Destroyer is awesome!