Thursday, August 8, 2013

Drop the Gloves! Dropped a Chocolate Bomb in My Mailbox

Now that I read that post title again, it comes across kind of gross....

I won a contest over at Drop the Gloves!  Casey assigned me to the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup Tournament, and while I would have picked the Blues if given the choice (the only NHL game I've ever been to was in St. Louis), I'm glad I got Boston because they had one heck of a showing in the finals.  Did you see that last game!?!  Crazy...

Anyway, this package is my runner-up prize from Casey, and it's a doozy.  The whole thing came in this sweet box:

I was audibly excited to find this in the package.  I'd always wondered where those tuxedo cards came from, and this both answered the question and gave me a means to store some cardboard.  Awesome.

Inside the box was a fistful of great cards:

Wow - sick rookies.  And a Ron Guidry, Louisiana native!

Autos!!! including an on-card Mike Leake rookie.  And a Nelly Cruz relic!  My buddy's girlfriend caught a home run ball of his just the other day....  I may have to give it to her to go along with that ball.

I think Wilson could have a long career in Seattle, and I'm nervous about when the Saints face the Seahawks this season for that very reason.  Plus, is that a Durant rookie?  This is instantly the greatest modern basketball card I own.

And finally, sealed in a Ziploc that smelled like a freezer were these:

The day this package arrived, it was well over 90 degrees and 100% humidity (typical summer weather in NOLA), but these were packaged so well they kept their shape beautifully.  I've always wanted to pick one up, and now I have a whole bunch and in different styles!

They are in the freezer as I type this.  I sealed them in several layers of protection so that if a hurricane knocks our power out long enough for all our food to spoil, rendering our fridge and all its contents unusable (which happens), I'll still have my decades-old chocolate bars to hang on to.

You're a generous man, Casey.  I plan on putting together some stuff for you in return.  I've always had a thing for blogs with exclamation points in the title.


  1. Wow. Now THAT is a prize package.

  2. I'm so glad that stuff arrived safely. I was worried the candy bars would just be globs of chocolate by the time they arrived. I've had those since they came out and have had them in my freezer ever since. Gross.

  3. Wow. This is the runner-up prize? Insane. As for the Card Guard box... I still use it to carry around supplies when I go to shows. It's one of the things I kept when I sold off the bulk of my collection 10 years ago.