Monday, August 26, 2013

A Stack From Stackhouse

I send Corey from his famous Tim Wallach blog any Wallachs I happen across in my collecting.  Poor Corey has already sent me all his Griffeys it seems, so he has begun sending mid-90's Mariners players and other guys from my short list of PC's.  Check 'em out:

This is the "silver signature" of that year - a team name instead of a signature.

A couple of early Dan Wilson Stadium Club cards

A flock of Finleys, sans 'stache.

A bushel of Buhners, most of which I didn't have

A cluster of Clarks

And a sunset of Senior.  Nice picture, too.

Thanks, Corey!  And you don't have to stress about sending back stuff every single time I send you a PWE.  Let's keep this hobby as stress-free as possible....


  1. That throwback Clark is one of my favorite cards.

    1. It is a beaut. I hadn't noticed the throwback uni until just now. I really dig them socks.