Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Quick Trip to the LCS 8.22.13

I stopped by the my LCS for a couple of mystery boxes and found that he had restocked his dollar box with reams of sexy, serial numbered cardboard.   For a measly 9 bucks I nabbed these gems:

That Pujols is #/45, the Ichiro Donruss card is #/100, and the Clark is #/2500.
Clemente is #/1500, Ruth is #/1000, Williams is #/1000.  The Mantle is not serial numbered, but it looks like it should be.

I also picked up two mystery long boxes that were loaded with different treats:

I recently started focusing on Vida Blue cards, so this was appropriately-timed.

That Metal Universe card was one of a stack of 200.  I hold on to all Metal Universe cards, so that was exciting.  I'll show those off in an upcoming Metal Universe post.  They're extremely awesome.

That Nolan Ryan quote cracks me up.

One box contained tons of 2005 Finest.  Got my hopes up because that's one of the very few Griffeys I am missing, but there were none to be found.

There was also a nice cross-section of serial-numbered refractors from the 2005 set.

Young Sandberg, Cora turning one over Will Clark, and a delightfully literal Tim Salmon.

Lots of bubbles

A former LSU Tiger in two uniforms

Just plain silliness

I hope my next mystery box is so kind.  Toodles!


  1. Lovin' that Clemente. And the Salmon is awesome as well. I'm planning to make that one a part of my next impulse buy.

    1. I've seen that Salmon somewhere on the blogosphere before. I thought it may have been on your blog, Nick. I take it I was mistaken.

      Good luck in school!