Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Selling on COMC - You Done it?

I just packed a box with 268 cards to send to COMC.  I've never sold anything on there before and I thought it might be a good way to get some Griffeys for free.  I estimate the value of all the cards to be around $400, but it may be more.

COMC told me that they will be making $67.00 on my submitted cards.  That's 25 cents per card which I think is fair.  Still, I'm kind of nervous about all these great cards I am sending out, but I also see that they handle a lot of volume.  They should be OK, right?

I figured some of you have used the service before.  How is the process?  I apparently have to wait a month before I can slap prices on things.  Is that timeline accurate?  Any tips?  Thanks!

Here's a Griffey I got from COMC just because I feel like I need to put some kind of picture:

I am a COMC rookie


  1. I haven't sold on COMC, but I am curious about how it goes. It seems like you put a fairly significant investment out front hoping to find buyers for your cards. I wonder how many cards just sit out there for months at a time? I will probably try it out, maybe when I have enough cards to get one of their discounted rates.

  2. I think the process goes pretty smooth. Your cards should be fine as long as they are packed correctly! I've had some success selling the better cards that didn't have a place in my collection. The best advice I can give is when your cards are available for you to add prices, click on the card number to get a good idea of what that same card is going for so you can appropriately price yours. Overpriced cards will sit there forever and underpriced cards will sell relatively quickly.

    1. I plan on lowballing all my cardboard. I'd much rather see credits build up super-fast so I can land some crazy rare Griffeys than earn a little bit more per card.

  3. Best of luck on your COMC selling adventures. I personally have never sent in cards to be sold... I've only flipped cards I've purchased from other dealers to help finance my addiction.