Monday, August 12, 2013

Congratulations, Junior! Mariners Hall of Fame Induction 2013

Seattle's Superhero

The Mariners inducted Griffey into their Hall of Fame on Saturday.  Days like these I am reminded why it’s so frustrating to be a Griffey/Mariners fan living in New Orleans.  I’m 2,713 miles from Seattle and 1,400 miles from Cooperstown - tough place to me a Mariners fan/baseball fan in general.  I wasn’t able to make the game, or even watch it on TV.  I did, however, read every online article I could find about the ceremony. 

Griffey made a long, well-received speech that came from the heart.  All the articles I read describe Junior as humble and gracious, likeable, relatable, and inspiring.  They describe the roar of the fans as he walked across the outfield and Griffey’s emotional reaction to a video from his son, Trey.  The guy is a family man, that’s for sure. 

Plus he made Jay Buhner cry. 

I really hope this gets put onto DVD, or maybe a special on ESPN.  I would happily fork over some cash to watch the proceedings in HD.  You hear me, MLB?  Let’s get on that….

In the meantime, if anyone got an extra bobblehead, a program, a local Seattle newspaper, a ticket stub, anything commemorating this event, I’ll be your trade slave for life.

And I have every intention of making it to his Cooperstown induction in 2015.  Mark my words!


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